Our Beginning

The company was built on a foundation to take pride in making products that are tailored to specific hair needs. India says “we live in the social media era where we see products that have amazing before and after pictures, we purchase them with hope we’ll have the same results…”. The truth is, every person’s hair is different so there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to hair products and that’s why we’ve spent so much time figuring out what natural ingredients work best for various hair needs. Additionally, we wanted to make products that can help break hereditary conditions such as thinning and fighting against medical hair loss (alopecia, cancer, psoriasis, etc.). Each of our products have descriptions about what they work best for, so take your time in choosing which ones are best for YOUR hair.



Here’s the CEO and founder of iRestore Hair LLC, India Dinae. Originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, India moved to Illinois after she graduated from college. Attending Indiana University of Pa she received her BS in Communications Media and later moved to Atlanta, Georgia to pursue her dreams. Initially, the move was intended for her to embark upon an acting career, but she says “God had other plans”. ​ The story is pretty simple, she wanted to create products that restore and strengthen hair to promote retention that was truly ALL natural. She felt that for so many years certain ethnicities had been under the impression that their hair “can’t grow” past a designated length. Well, needless to say, her intention was to create products that prove that myth to be wrong.


Voyage ATL Article Feature

A great article all about India Dinae from Voyage ATL. An excerpt: Following your dreams is never going to be an easy road to take and mine has definitely had several detours, potholes, and roadblocks but it’s always worth it. I’ve been deflated more times than I can count, I’ve heard “no” more than I’ve heard “yes”, I’ve cried enough tears to replace the Atlantic Ocean, I’ve gotten kicked down repeatedly but I’ve gotten up. After being in Atlanta for two years and getting few auditions, no bookings, and looked over a million times, I decided to write my own scripts and make all the casting directors see my talent. There were times I barely had enough money to pay my bills, trying not to get a “desk job” so that I could still have a flexible schedule for acting and running a business and all that did was make not getting booked even worse. So, my advice to anyone trying to follow their dreams is to NEVER give up no matter how hard it may seem. If something doesn’t seem to be working then you make it work, make people see you!

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