Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I use the Oils? 


All instructions can be found under the Instructions page, if you would like more details on how to maximize results using the oil please submit a message to us requesting to schedule a consultation. 

What Products Contain Nut Based Oils? 


For customers who have nut allergies, our Oils for Coils, Hair Harmony, Ladies & Gents, and Clean n Care contain coconut oil. Our Creamy Curls and Long Story do NOT contain any nut-based oils but DO contain seeded oils such as grapeseed and avocado oil. 

What Products are for Hair Loss? 


If you are experiencing hair loss of any kind, you'll want to use Oils for Coils and the Clean n Care shampoo. Both of these products are infused with fresh Aloe Vera gel which has over 50 natural healing properties. These products will heal your scalp, remove dead skin cells and provide a healthy growing environment to promote new hair growth. 

Are Products Safe for Kids? 


Yes! Used in moderation our products are 100% safe for small children. Oils are safe to use twice a week on children, please see our "Kids products" page to see which products are recommended for kids.